Free online Stress Control classes

HSE Health and Wellbeing are offering a free Stress Control programme, beginning on August 2nd 2021. Stress Control is an evidence-based programme that teaches you practical skills to deal with stress.

The programme helps participants recognise the signs of stress. It covers topics including how stress affects our bodies and our thoughts. It teaches skills to overcome panicky feelings and tips to getting a good night’s sleep.

The sessions are presented by Dr Jim White, an internationally recognised expert in stress management who has teamed up with the HSE. He works with the EU to develop mental health services across Europe using interventions, including Stress Control.

How to Participate

This is a free programme and to participate simply visit to view, see below for the times each session is available for viewing.


The six sessions are 90 minutes a session and will cover different topics. Participants are encouraged to watch all sessions, but participants can join at any stage for one or more session.

  1. Session 1: Mon 2nd August, 9am until Wed 4th August, 11pm
  2. Session 2: Thurs 5th August, 9am until Sun 8th August, 11pm
  3. Session 3: Mon 9th August, 9am until Wed 11th August, 11pm
  4. Session 4: Thurs 12th August, 9am until Sun 15th August, 11pm
  5. Session 5: Mon 16th August, 9am until Wed 18th August, 11pm
  6. Session 6: Thurs 19th August, 9am until Sun, 22nd August, 11pm