Substance Use Resources for Post Primary School Teachers

Know the Score

Know The Score is the first national evidence-based resource on alcohol and drugs for senior cycle students (15-18yrs). It is developed in partnership between public health and education professionals. The resource is aimed at engaging young people in exploring and considering a wide range of topics related to the risks associated with alcohol and drugs.

The overall aim of the resource is to enable young people to make conscious and informed decisions about alcohol and drugs. Know the Score was jointly developed by the HSE, the Department of Education and the Drug and Alcohol Task Forces.


Know the Score (1Day)

The resource contains 14 lesson plans addressing alcohol and drug use using interactive and experiential teaching methodologies The training being offered will support teachers to deliver this programme in their schools. This training is an additional support to the resource, it is not a requirement for delivery of the resource in schools.

Training dates for 22/23 will follow shortly.

Know the Score Resource

The main resource is supported by three videos

Resources for Substance Use

Programmes for Substance Use

  • Alcohol Industry Funded Initiatives - The HSE and the Department of Health recommend that you do not involve DrinkAware in health education initiatives in your school. This policy is also supported by the Department of Education and Skills. Visit  for the HSE information on alcohol.

  • Drugs and Alcohol Task Forces - In some areas, staff from the local drug and alcohol task force may be willing to come in to talk to students about issues related to drug and alcohol use in the local area, it is recommended that they supplement, rather than replace, the work of the SPHE teacher on substance use in line with DES Guidelines on external facilitators.  

  • Department of Education Guidelines on external facilitators - This circular states that ‘The qualified classroom teacher is the best placed professional to work sensitively and consistently with students and she/he can have a powerful impact on influencing students’ attitudes, values, and behaviour in all aspects of wellbeing education.’ (pdf)

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