Where did Making Every Contact Count originate?

The Making Every Contact Count programme was identified as a key action to support the implementation of Healthy Ireland in the Irish Health services.

The treatment of Chronic diseases puts an unsustainable pressure on the current health services with 80% of GP consultations and 60% of hospital bed days related to Chronic diseases. Making Every Contact Count aims to capitalise on the opportunities that occur every day for every health professional to support patients and to make healthy lifestyle choices to support chronic disease prevention and self-management of existing chronic diseases.

What is the Purpose of Making Every Contact Count?

Making Every Contact Count programme is about health professionals using their routine consultations to:

  • Empower and support people to make healthier choices to achieve positive health outcomes to support chronic disease prevention and management.
  • Enable health professionals to recognise their role and opportunities they have through their daily interactions with patients to support them to make and sustain health behaviour changes.
  • To do this, the health service needs to build a culture and operating environment that supports continuous health improvement through the contacts that it has with individuals.

There are approximately 100,000 staff employed in the HSE. This translates as millions of contacts annually by frontline staff with their patients

  • It is estimated that there are approx. 30 million contacts within our health service annually, 14 million of these is with GP services.
  • All of these contacts are potential opportunities to improve the health and wellbeing of the patient to support the prevention and management of chronic disease.
  • It is crucial that these are used in Making Every Contact Count.

What difference will it make?

Making Every Contact Count is about health professionals using their routine consultation with patients to support them to make healthier lifestyle choices to achieve positive long-term behaviour change.

Implementing this programme will result in patients being routinely asked about the main lifestyle risk factors for chronic disease - tobacco use, alcohol & substance use, diet, physical activity

The Programme Team

The Making Every Contact Count Programme is managed on a day to day basis by a small core team as part of the Health and Wellbeing Division of the HSE.

Dr. Maria O’ Brien, Project Manager Making Every Contact Count, Maria.OBrien@hse.ie 

Aileen Scott, Senior Health Promotion Officer, Making Every Contact Count, Aileen.Scott@hse.ie

Making Every Contact Count