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Making Every Contact Count was established by the HSE in 2016 to support the implementation of Healthy Ireland in our health services and help people to make healthier decisions.

Through the programme, health professionals will support patients make healthier lifestyle choices.

During routine consultations, health professionals ask patients about lifestyle behaviours related to chronic disease. The goal of these 'contacts' is to address risk factors for chronic disease. Through these contacts, health professionals will help patients achieve positive long-term behaviour change.

The main risk factors health professionals will talk about are:

  • tobacco use
  • alcohol and drug use
  • diet
  • physical activity

Why we need Making Every Contact Count

Chronic disease treatment puts an unsustainable pressure on the current health services. Making Every Contact Count will relieve that pressure and empower patients.

There are approximately 30 million 'contacts' in our health service every year. 14 million of these are with GP services.

The programme wants to take advantage of these contacts between you and patients. You will support patients to make lifestyle choices that help prevent chronic diseases. You will also promote self-management of existing chronic diseases.

The Programme team

The Making Every Contact Count Programme is managed by a small core team as part of the Health and Wellbeing Division of the HSE, including:

  • Dr. Maria O’ Brien, Project Manager Making Every Contact Count, Maria.OBrien@hse.ie 
  • Aileen Scott, Senior Health Promotion Officer, Making Every Contact Count, Aileen.Scott@hse.ie
  • Gobnait Creedon, Health Promotion Officer
  • Sharon McGillicuddy, Health Promotion Officer