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The HSE National Centre for Clinical Audit (NCCA), established within the National Quality and Patient Safety Directorate (NQPSD), follows publication of the HSE National Review of Clinical Audit Report 2019.

What we do

The NCCA is primarily responsible for implementing the HSE National Review of Clinical Audit Report recommendations under five key pillars:

  • National Governance of Clinical Audit
  • Local Governance of Clinical Audit
  • Clinical Audit Training
  • Clinical Audit Education resources
  • Legislative Changes affecting Clinical Audit (i.e. GDPR and Data Protection).

The establishment of the NCCA confirms the HSE’s commitment to developing Clinical Audit as an essential quality and patient safety tool in Ireland, promoting improved patient outcomes.  Clinical audit is an integral component of safety in all modern healthcare systems and the NCCA programme will ensure delivery of a standardised approach.  Establishing the HSE NCCA marks an important step in the HSE’s continued efforts to improve the quality and safety of healthcare for patients. This will strengthen the development of an end-to-end process for clinical audit in accordance with the recommendations in the report and meet the needs of clinical audit service providers and multidisciplinary stakeholders. 

What is clinical audit?

“Clinical audit is a clinically-led* quality improvement process that seeks to improve patient care and outcomes through systematic review of care against explicit criteria and acting to improve care when standards are not met. The process involves the selection of aspects of the structure, processes and outcomes of care which are then systematically evaluated against explicit criteria. If required, improvements should be implemented at an individual, team or organisation level and then the care re-evaluated to confirm improvements.” DOHC (2008, p.152)

* Clinically-led includes the breadth of clinical professionals working in health and social care services.

National Clinical Audits

A wide range of National clinical audits are commissioned and managed on behalf of the HSE by our clinical audit service providers: National Office of Clinical Audit (NOCA), Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI), National Perinatal Epidemiology Centre (NPEC, UCC), National Clinical Strategy and Programmes Division (NCSPD), Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Register (OHCAR, NUI, Galway) and Office of Nursing Midwifery Services Directorate (ONMSD).

For more information on our National Clinical Audit Service Providers


Nomenclature - Glossary of Terms 

The purpose of the Nomenclature document is to provide a glossary of agreed terms including a standard definition for clinical audit to be adopted across all healthcare services and clinical audit service providers.  

Nomenclature Pic   Nomenclature: A Glossary of Terms for Clinical Audit

If you are trying to access any of the original HSE Clinical Audit resources, please go to the HSE repository of documentation.


Clinical Audit Training

The HSE National Centre for Clinical Audit are delighted to present the following Clinical Audit Training Programmes for 2022.    NCCA Training Pic

  • The Fundamentals of Clinical Audit e-learning course is now live on 
  • The Fundamentals of Clinical Audit virtual training course is available from 17th of May, 2022
  • The Fundamentals of Clinical Audit Workshop session is available from 25th of May, 2022
  • An Advanced Clinical Audit Course is available from 10th of June, 2022

Registration for the above courses is open and available through EventBrite. Full details of all courses are available in the HSE National Centre for Clinical Audit Training Programme 2022. 

  • The ‘Train the Trainer in Clinical Audit' course will be in-person, classroom based and offered to staff in October and November 2022. Registration/bookings for this course will open later in 2022.

If you would like to submit a clinical audit project that your organisation is running for potential use within the HSE National Clinical Audit Centre training programme, please complete this document.

For related queries or further information, please contact the HSE National Centre for Clinical Audit at

Connect with us

Maria Lordan Dunphy, Assistant National Director/National Centre for Clinical Audit Lead, National Quality and Patient Safety Directorate

Karen Reynolds, National Centre for Clinical Audit Co- Lead, National Quality and Patient Safety Directorate

Twitter: @hsencca