Patient Safety Programme


In mid-2021, the Patient Safety Programme (PSP) was established in the National Quality and Patient Safety Directorate to oversee and monitor implementation of the Patient Safety Strategy 2019 – 2024.

What we do

The programme teams within the National Quality & Patient Safety Directorate are the means through which the Directorate delivers key functions of the Patient Safety Programme. These are, namely, to:

  • Provide leadership that facilitates the implementation of the Patient Safety Strategy;
  • Enable safe systems of care and sustainable quality improvements, with a focus on reducing the common causes of harm;
  • Foster a culture of learning and education to build quality and patient safety capacity and capability in practice, to support Strategy implementation;
  • Provide communication around the Strategy that informs, connects and supports; and
  • Monitor and report on Strategy implementation priorities and progress to the National Clinical Director QPS.



  • 12-17 Sept 2022: NQPSD Marks “World Patient Safety Day” with awareness campaigns and capacity-building initiatives through webinars, podcasts, targeted communications, social media campaigns and informational videos.

Connect with us

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