Quality Improvement Toolkit


This toolkit contains a number of tools which should make carrying out a project easier.  The project map shares the four phases of the project starting out with a ‘light bulb’ moment right through to the sustainability plan.  This is where you are embedding the improvements you have achieved.

There are some tools that you will find helpful for all projects and some tools may be more applicable to your project than others.  Your line manager, local QI enthusiast or project sponsor may be able to help you when deciding which tools are relevant for your project.

The National QI Team would like to thank the team in the National Rehabilitation Hospital who helped to co-design and test these resources.

Good luck!


Please select titles below to access each section of the Toolkit:

  • National QI Toolkit: An Introduction
  • National QI Tool 1. Project on a page (pdf) (word
  • National QI Tool 2. Stakeholder map (pdf) (word)
  • National QI Tool 3. Aim statement and driver diagram (pdf) (word)
  • National QI Tool 4. Project charter (pdf) (word)
  • National QI Tool 5. Communications plan and actions (pdf) (word)
  • National QI Tool 6. Effective team meetings (pdf) (word)
  • National QI Tool 7. Process mapping  (pdf) (word)
  • National QI Tool 8. Cause and effect fishbone diagram (pdf) (word)
  • National QI Tool 9. 5 Whys – finding the root cause (pdf) (word)
  • National QI Tool 10. Measurement plan (pdf) (word)
  • National QI Tool 11. Run chart (pdf) (word)
  • National QI Tool 12. Plan, do, study, act (PDSA) cycle template (pdf) (word)
  • National QI Tool 13. Progress story board template (pdf)  (word)
  • National QI Tool 14. Coaching template (pdf) (word)
  • National QI Tool 15. After action review (AAR) (pdf) (word)
  • National QI Tool 16. Project checklist (pdf) (word)
  • National QI Tool 0. Capturing Patient and Staff Perspectives (pdf) (word)
  • National QI Self-evaluation Guide (pdf)
  • National QI Self-evaluation Workbook (word)


An Improvers Guide to QI - Sketchnote

Sketchnotes are a way of using images and text to help in understanding and remembering key learning. This one page aims to bring together some of the key tools and concepts and how they fit together to help you on your Quality Improvement Journey (click here to view the sketchnote)