Stories, blogs about person-centredness in practice

Inspiring Minds with Brendan McCormack

In this short video Brendan talks about his experience as a student nurse in a large psychiatric hospital in Ireland and how it inspired his journey to revolutionize the healthcare system. Now Head of the Division of Nursing and Associate Director at the Centre for Person-centred Practice Research at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, Professor McCormack’s extensive research, particularly in the area of person-centred healthcare, has gained him international recognition and he has been listed as one of the 3000 most influential researchers in the world.


Insights and Stories from the Pandemic

A series of short video-clips that highlight the extraordinary ways in which people have been able to keep person-centredness alive for themselves and the people the work with during COVID times.

Each story is unique and presents real examples about different aspects of person-centredness and how it applied in everyday working during times of crisis. We hope they inspire fresh thinking for you about building a culture that is kinder and more person-centred for everyone.

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Eileen’s story: Weaving invisible threads

Marie’s story: Leading during the pandemic

Mary’s story: The keepsake pouch

Maura’s story: We’re more than you see – more than the PPE 

Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda: A journey of person-centred culture in maternity services 

Philip’s story: Hang on to the kindness

Peamount Story: Being creative to keep each other going 

Mary’s story: Reconnecting

Cathy’s Story