QPS Improvement


Quality Improvement (or “QI”)  is defined as “the combined and unceasing efforts of everyone—healthcare professionals, patients and their families, researchers, payers, planners and educators—to make the changes that will lead to better patient outcomes (health), better system performance (care) and better professional development (learning)” (Bataldan, 2007)

The purpose of the QPS Improvement Team is to provide support, tools, and resources to build QI skills, knowledge and confidence - thereby enabling people to use QI methods to deliver better care and outcomes for people who work in and use our health services.

Our principle focus is to address the 13 ‘common causes of harm’ as outlined in the HSE Patient Safety Strategy 2019-2024. International evidence indicates these are high impact patient safety risks, which, if tackled effectively, can result in improving safety and quality across all health settings. 

What we do



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You can contact us by clicking through to emails below:

  • Maria Lordan Dunphy, Assistant National Director and Programme Lead, QPS Improvement and Patient Safety
  • Róisín Egenton, Programme Manager (Strategy), QPS Improvement and Patient Safety
  • Dervla Hogan, Programme Manager (Operations), QPS Improvement and Patient Safety
  • Kelly Gibney, QPS Improvement and Patient Safety Office Manager
  • Mary Lawless, QPS Improvement and Patient Safety Administrator
  • Ciara Kirke, Clinical Lead, Medication Safety Programme
  • Muriel Pate, Medication Safety Specialist Pharmacist, Medication Safety Programme