QPS Intelligence


Our purpose is to analyse, interpret and present qualitative and quantitative data to inform better decision making and drive improvements in quality and patient safety. We support others to use their data to generate enhanced insights. We collaborate with research partners on quality and patient safety.

What we do

  • Develop a HSE national Quality and Patient Safety Surveillance System (QPSSS)
  • Produce QPS Intelligence Reports
  • Support use of QPS data for assurance, through developing and supporting use of Quality Profiles and People’s Experience of Quality
  • Enable and evolve approaches for QPS evaluation
  • Advance QPS research and evidence base
  • Support use of QPS data for improvement


Please visit Measurement for Improvement Resources page to download resources you can use to help you use measurement for improvement tools and techniques to understand and improve the quality of care in your services and to support your Quality Improvement projects.

Please visit QPS Intelligence Reports page to download our recent reports and publications.

Connect with us

You can email us at QPSI@hse.ie

Our team:

Dr Jennifer Martin, Clinical Lead Quality and Patient Safety Intelligence

Gráinne Cosgrove, Senior Statistician

Dr. Gemma Moore, Qualitative Evaluation and Research Officer

Emma Hogan, Senior Statistician

Dr. Marcella O’Dowd, QPS Analyst

Florina Rizoaica, QPS Analyst

Stephen Barrett, Administrator