Pain Management e-learning programme

Encountering, Assessing and Managing Pain eLearning Programme

 Healthcare provider education is the key to patient pain management. Undergraduate pain education for all healthcare professionals is challenging. A single comprehensive resource has been indicated as a priority by universities in this regard. Employer involvement including this initiative is a huge step forward’.

Professor D. Harmon, (Adjunct Professor of Pain Medicine, University of Limerick).

Nurses and midwives working in clinical practice from around the country have recently developed an online learning programme aimed primarily at colleagues working in healthcare in Ireland. “Encountering, Assessing and Managing Pain” is a great resource for healthcare practitioners across all nursing/midwifery and medical disciplines.

The programme was developed under the auspices and guidance of the Office of the Nursing and Midwifery Services Director (ONMSD) working collaboratively with

The programme provides practitioners with a sound introduction to the relevant theories of pain, paying particular attention to the Biopsychosocial Model of pain. Significantly, the programme also provides clear and practical guidance on the assessment of pain across the care groups; including, Children, Adult, Older Person and persons with Intellectual Disabilities.

Using a carefully developed mnemonic, “ASKANDLISTEN” the programme promotes reflective practice in pain assessment by reminding practitioners about the importance of the assessment cycle and a holistic person-centred approach to pain management.

The benefits to patients and their families is assured by providing nurses and midwives with a comprehensive guide to the assessment and effective management of pain.

It is estimated that as many as one in five people experience chronic or persistent pain. According to the Prime Study, (Raftery, et. al. 2012) in terms of economic impact, chronic pain costs an estimated €4.6 billion a year, or 5 per cent of GDP.

This is the first programme on pain that transcends the disciplinary boundaries, promoting a truly inter-professional response to pain through its relevance to nurses, midwives and doctors.

For further information contact Project Lead;

Mary C. McNamara, Centre for Nurse and Midwifery Education, HSE West, University Hospital,  Limerick. Contact details,

 ONMSD Lead Contact Person: Patrick Glackin, Interim Area Director HSE West, Email:


National E-learning Programme — The Practice of Nursing Assessment and Clinical Decision Making for the Older Person

The ONMSD is developing a National E-Learning Programme – The Practice of Nursing Assessment and Clinical Decision Making for the Older Person. The Steering Group for this programme recently agreed the key themes for the e-learning programme. The Working Group has commenced writing up content material, which is based on the processes and actions required by nurses to identify the care needs of older people. The programme will consist of the following sections:

Introduction : Aimed at developing a common understanding of the skills and competence required by the nurse to complete a comprehensive assessment.

Assessment : To focus on Lekan-Rutledge’s (ABA 2009) four level assessment framework associated with risk identification (DoHC 2008).

Clinical Decision Making : To focus on the process involved in formulating and prioritising decisions based on information derived from the four levels of assessment.

Actions: To include the key behaviours and activities required by nurses to holistically diagnose needs, set goals, plan and implement care.

Evaluation: To focus on the role of the nurse in evaluating the effectiveness of care delivered A format for delivery of the material will be agreed by the Working Group and the HSELanD design team.

For further information contact: Teresa Moore, Project Lead and Chair of the Working Group, HSE West /MidWest NMPD Unit Email: . Tel: 087 983 0592