Recovery Academy

The Recovery Academy Ireland is a co-operative whose members promote and champion the concept of recovery, including:

  • people in recovery;
  • supporters;
  • advocates;
  • researchers; and
  • professionals.

The Recovery Academy believes that people can move from a dependence on addiction services to a life of fulfilment, wellbeing and full participation in society.

The Recovery Academy is a forum to:

  • promote recovery;
  • provide support for people in recovery and their families;
  • organise recovery activities;
  • raise awareness about recovery;
  • provide workshops and training on recovery;
  • conduct research; and
  • advocate on policy.

The Recovery Academy aims to develop community awareness of the benefits of recovery. It does this by:

  • building links with existing community groups;
  • advocating for ‘recovery houses’ for people who are homeless and in recovery; and
  • supporting social initiatives aimed at people in recovery such as a recovery cafe.

Please click on the following links for further information:

Recovery Academy website

Research Keane, McAleenan and Barry (2014) 

Research Keane (2011)

Peer Led Action Research: A Community Assets Scoping Exercise in Dublin’s North Inner City; Recovery Academy of Ireland, 2016.