Guidance documents and resources

The National Social Inclusion office is grateful for the collective effort of all involved in the making of the following resources. Guidance and resources below come from a range of sources and can be adapted by services as needed.

Coronavirus (Covid 19) Guidance for Travellers

This guidance document gives general advice about preventing the spread of COVID-19 and dealing with cases of COVID-19 for Travellers. It is part of the overall HPSC Guidance for vulnerable groups.

Covid 19 Mitigation Plan: THU Community Healthcare West

Covid 19 Mitigation Plan: THU Community Healthcare West (Galway, Mayo, Roscommon) is available here

CHO West THU Covid 19 Mental Health Mitigation Plan (Galway, Mayo, Roscommon). Meeting the mental health needs of Travellers during the COVID19 pandemic.

Guidance for Traveller Mothers: Department of Public Health HSE West

Covid 19 Information for Traveller mothers with new babies or infants at home

Irelands National Action Plan

Irelands National Action Plan in response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

HPSC Advice on patients with suspected COVID-19 presenting to community care settings other than general practice 

HPSC Primary care: GP testing algorithms, self isolation and restricted movements explained, aid to managing mildly ill person in community

Updated GP testing pathway

HPSC Guidance on outbreak in Residential care facility

HPSC Guidance on transfer of patients between care settings

HSE HPSC Decontamination of Transport Covid 19 Guidance