Information leaflets, videos and more by Traveller Health Units


Guidance for Traveller Primary Healthcare workers on face mask use, hand washing and alcohol gel use

Healthy Irelands Minding your long term health conditions during Coronavirus (COVID 19)


Social Prescribing update on services during COVID 19


University Hospital Limerick in collaboration with the MidWest Traveller Health Unit have produced information videos focusing on a loved one going to hospital

The first video focuses on going by ambulance and emphasises the following message:

At this time when our loved ones go into hospital, we are unable to go with them. We know it’s hard but this is to protect ourselves and to protect others. #StayHomeSaveLives

The Video is accessible here

The second video look at what to expect when you arrive at the Emergency Department by car. The communication reinforces that we must remain apart from our loved ones as they come into hospital. The hospital will take good care of your loved one. It is important to stay apart to protect patients, their loved ones and our healthcare colleagues. #UseYourHeartStayApart

The Video is accessible here

Mid West THUs plan for Covid-19

Do Don't Leaflet

PHCP Mitigation Plans

THU Mid West Corona Virus Leaflet

Traveller Self Isolation

Telehealth support calls from Community Health Workers

COVID 19 support information - Protect yourself and others

Easy read symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID 19)

Correct hand washing

What is Social Distancing

The West Limerick Primary Healthcare Project have produced several video's accessible here including the following topics

Self Isolation / Social distancing / Are you in living in Rathkeale - promoting the new phone clinic / What happens at a Coronavirus test centre / What to do if you think you have Caronavirus / Explaining the changes to the requirements for testing.


CHO4 have developed the following information video;

The following information video entitled  “Minceir Feens- Minding Our Nucks” was developed with Kerry Travellers


Coronavirus Covid 19 reduce stigma

Covid-19 testing criteria CHO5

Clonmel Primary Healthcare Projects Information pack

Patient information sheet for self isolating at home

Support during Covid 19 useful numbers for CHO5

How can I shop safely during Covid 19

Support to Travellers self isolating during Covid 19 in the South East

When should I wear a facemask?

When should I wear disposable gloves?

CHO 6/7/9

Cocooning COVID 19

THU Mitigation Plan Updated

Checklist for Traveller and Roma Organisations Covid 19

Covid 19 Monitoring sheet

HSE and Local Authority Advocacy document to enable Travellers to self isolate from Covid 19 

Link to Pavee Points website page Stay safe from Coronavirus Covid 19

Pavee Point Traveller information video on Covid 19

Pavee Point Coronavirus (COVID 19) Prevention steps

Pavee Points guide to Coronavirus (COVID 19) testing

Pavee Point have a video and information on self isolation here

Pavee Point have a podcast and information for women who are pregnant.

Pavee Point have a podcast on Substance Use during Covid 19 (advice for Travellers). To access follow link: 


Offally Traveller Movement Coronavirus (Covid 19) information