COVID-19: QI Learning

 The COVID-19 pandemic has required the most urgent, critical and large-scale response the Health Service has ever had to provide by delivering a united response to the National imperative regarding COVID-19, creating a cross-Government and HSE solidarity driving our response. We are pleased to present this report which captures the twelve ways in which the National QI Team have supported the National response.

Covid19 Response National Quality Improvement Team Role and Contribution (June 2020)

Quality Improvement – The Way to Tackle a Pandemic

In the midst of a crisis, it’s important to adopt scientific, robust clinical and management practices. But what makes these truly effective are human factors such as creativity and flexibility.  The ability to listen to these human factors and incorporate them into the formal structures is at the heart of the HSE’s Quality Improvement (QI) approach to stemming the spread of the pandemic.  Here is a summary of the background and applications of this QI approach (click here to read more)

The impact of Covid-19 pandemic and societal restrictions

This paper presents a plan for health care and population health recovery arising from Covid-19 and analysis of key HSE clinical programmes and public health data

Read the impact of Covid-19 pandemic and societal restrictions report


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