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The COVID-19 pandemic has required the most urgent, critical and large-scale response the Health Service has ever had to provide by delivering a united response to the National imperative regarding COVID-19, creating a cross-Government and HSE solidarity driving our response. We are pleased to present this report which captures the twelve ways in which the National QI Team have supported the National response.

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Covid19 Response National Quality Improvement Team Role and Contribution (June 2020)

12 Ways in which we have supported the National response

1. Steering and leading the strategic and clinical response to COVID-19
2. Looking through the lens of QI to chart the genesis, design, delivery, education and  scale-up of the contact management programme
3. Paying attention to the well-being of staff deployed to new and challenging roles
4. Involving the people who use health services in our response to COVID-19
5. Enabling effective COVID-19 decision making through rapid analysis showing data  trends over time
6. Optimising people’s safety promoting the safe use of medicines during COVID-19
7. Maintaining the principles of Open Disclosure during the COVID-19 pandemic
8. Promoting a human rights based approach in our response to COVID-19
9. Using the principles of Schwartz Rounds to address the emotional impact of work in a pandemic 
10. Connecting and sharing collective learning on COVID-19 across Q Community  partner countries
11. Showing solidarity and supporting low-income countries in managing COVID-19
12. Sustaining National QI Team Business Continuity in the context of COVID-19

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