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We want our services to support an open, timely and consistent approach to communicating with service users and their families when things go wrong in healthcare. This is called open disclosure.

An open disclosure programme was piloted at two hospitals, the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin and Cork University Hospital from October 2010 until October 2012.

Utilising the learning from the pilot programme the HSE has developed, in conjunction with the State Claims Agency, a national policy and national guidelines on open disclosure with supporting documents which include a patient information leaflet, a staff support booklet and a staff briefing guide.

The HSE and State Claims Agency launched these documents on 12th November, 2013.

Work is now ongoing across all health and social care services in relation to the implementation of the national open disclosure policy and guidelines. Additional resources have been developed to assist services in the implementation of open disclosure.  These resources will assist in preparing for and conducting an open disclosure meeting, training staff in open disclosure and managing the organisational change required to successfully implement an open disclosure programme.

To access the open disclosure national documents and supporting resources, click on the links below.

Document title Link
Evaluation of the National Open Disclosure Pilot (2016) Evaluation of the OD Pilot Pic
Open Disclosure: Communicating when things go wrong. (patient information leaflet) Open Disclosure Communicating when things go wrong
Open Disclosure: National Policy Open Disclosure National Policy
Open Disclosure: National Guidelines – Communicating with service users and their families following adverse events in healthcare. (information for staff) Open Disclosure National Guidelines
Supporting Staff following an adverse event – The ‘ASSIST ME’ Model Supporting staff following adverse event
Open Disclosure: A Brief Guide for Health and Social Care Staff Open Disclosure Guide for Staff

Open disclosure is a requirement of the national standards for safer better healthcare 2012 and it is also included in the provisions of the National Healthcare Charter 2012.

The national policy and national guidelines on open disclosure will be implemented, on a phased basis, across all of our health and social care services.

State Claims agency logoOpen Disclosure is joint initiative between the HSE and State Claims Agency.



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Angela Tysall

National Lead for the HSE in Open Disclosure
Euro House, Killybegs Road, Donegal, Co. Donegal

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