Schwartz Rounds

Schwartz Rounds are conversations with staff about the emotional impact of their work.  They provide a valuable opportunity for all staff to reflect on their work through conversations facilitated by a local clinical lead and facilitator.  They are unique in that unlike other supports for staff they do not seek to solve problems or look for outcomes.  Through the sharing of stories in confidence, Schwartz Rounds provide a framework which have been proven to support staff well being (reducing psychological distress), reduce role hierarchy, improve teamwork and connection which ultimately has an impact on improved person centred care. 

The National Quality Improvement Team is working in collaboration with the Point of Care Foundation to establish Schwartz Rounds with organisations across Ireland.

Team Time

The unprecedented pressures created by the COVID-19 pandemic means that Schwartz Rounds have been paused in the 25 healthcare organisations currently implementing these sessions in Ireland.

In response to this, the Point of Care Foundation are offering an alternative online approach called ‘Team Time’. Some of the Irish Schwartz Rounds community are collaborating with the Point of Care Foundation to explore the use of Team Time in Ireland. Please click here for more information.

Report of the Evaluation of the Introduction of Schwartz Rounds

On the 27th May 2019, Paul Reid, HSE CEO launched the Report of the Evaluation of the Introduction of Schwartz Rounds as a test of concept in Ireland.  To find out more please click Executive Summary and Full report.

The evaluation concludes that the philosophy of Schwartz Rounds is consistent with the HSE's strategic drive for quality and safe health care. We are using the report and its 20 key learning points to inform how Schwartz Rounds are further rolled out and sustained across Ireland.

To learn more about Schwartz Rounds and how you can get involved, please do not hesitate to contact us or click on the links below…

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Contact Details

  •  Maureen Flynn, National Quality Improvement Team, QI Connections Lead | 01 635 2344
  •  Caroline Lennon-Nally, National Quality Improvement Team, Co-ordinator Schwartz Rounds  | 087 2581080
  •  Noemi Palacios, National Quality Improvement Team, Schwartz Rounds Administrator  | 01 8131808

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The introduction of Schwartz Rounds in Ireland is supported by the National Quality Improvement  Team in collaboration with the Point of Care Foundation.