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Nursing home loan

You will pay a percentage of your income and assets towards your care.

Further information on how much you will need to pay.

Delaying your payment

Fair Deal ensures you do not have to sell assets to pay for a nursing home during your lifetime.

Part of your payment can be delayed. This is only available for the percentage that needs to be paid based on your home or other properties in the State.

When you apply for the nursing home loan we will pay the money to the nursing home on your behalf. The nursing home loan is repayable on your death.

It is advised you apply for the loan when you apply for Fair Deal funding. You do not need to accept the nursing home loan if you are approved. The loan cannot be backdated.

If you are part of a couple and either of you have reduced capacity to make decisions, you will require a care representative, a registered enduring power of attorney or Ward of Court.

Find out more about couples and Fair Deal.

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Repayment of loan

A person may repay this loan at any time. The loan will become repayable on:

  • death
  • sale or transfer of property (if this occurs before death)
  • if you or your partner are deemed to be bankrupt
  • if the HSE determines it has been given false or misleading information in your application

More information on the repayment of the nursing home loan.

Delaying the repayment of loan

The nursing home loan is repayable on your death. The repayment of the loan can be further deferred or postponed in certain cases. This is called 'further deferral'.

After 3 years your home is no longer included in the Fair Deal financial assessment. Charges will only be offset against your home for a maximum of 3 years. You will not pay more than 22.5% of the value of your home (11.25% if you are part of a couple, or 22.5% if both partners are in care). This cap can also extend to your farm or business.

Find out more about the three-year cap

The nursing home loan can be applied for during the initial application stage or anytime when resident in a nursing home. Applying for the optional nursing home loan during initial application will ensure that your loan and fair deal funding are approved from the same date. You can apply for the optional nursing home loan and if you are approved, you do not have to avail of if you change your mind.

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Repayment of nursing home loan