COPD Guide for Clinicians

COPD is a largely preventable and treatable chronic disease, which mainly affects those aged over 35 years. It is characterised by chronic slowly progressive decline in lung function with only partially reversible airflow obstruction, systemic manifestations and increasing frequency and severity of exacerbations.

Worldwide by 2020, it will be the third leading cause of death and it is estimated that 440,000 people in Ireland have COPD, of whom over 180,000 have moderate or severe disease.

Make the Diagnosis

Consider COPD in:

  • Smokers or Ex-Smokers
  • Smokers with Dyspnoea
  • Patients with Chest Infections

Step 1 - History and Assessment

Step 2 - Spirometry

Combination of History, Assessment and Spiromety will allow Diagnosis of COPD

Step 3 - Management of COPD