Dietitian led X-PERT Course for Type 2 Diabetes

People with type 2 diabetes should see a Dietitian to help learn about food and health. The X-PERT programme is a FREE group diabetes education programme. This award winning programme can help you look after diabetes and your health. You will learn about the up-to-date treatment and management of type 2 diabetes. This programme is delivered by a qualified HSE Community Dietitian.

The course runs over 6 weekly sessions each lasting 2.5 hours and includes:

Session 1: What is Diabetes?
Session 2: Healthy Eating and Weight Management,
Session 3: Carbohydrate Awareness
Session 4: Reading Food Labels
Session 5: Possible Complications of Diabetes
Session 6: Summary and future planning

Comments from participants:

For the first time in my life I feel like I am the one in control of my diabetes’
‘I am learning new skills every week to help me manage my diabetes & also to manage my foods’
‘The programme really helped me and my family take a better look at our food and portion sizes’

The X-PERT programme has been shown to improve people’s diabetes knowledge, increase the skills needed to look after diabetes and improve health.  The programme runs in various local community venues several times a year. If you wish you may bring along a partner or family member. The X-PERT programme is only suitable for people with a confirmed diagnosis of type 2 diabetes – please confirm with your Doctor.

Learn more XPERT  

The X-PERT programme is available in 18 counties across the country. To book your place on a course, fill in the online form.

If you are booking a place on behalf of a person with Type 2 Diabetes please ask their permission.

If the X-PERT programme is not available in the county where you live, you can still contact your Local Health Office for information on diabetes services.

To view available courses and book a place on a diabetes course that suits you, please click: Diabetes Course