National Immunisation Study Day, Dublin 12th September 2014

On 12th September a study day was held in Dr Steevens Hospital in Dublin. The programme was as follows

The presentations from the day where available can be downloaded below

  1. History and Aims of Immunisation - Dr Anna Clarke, Consultant in Public Health Medicine
  2. Immunity and how vaccines work - Dr Helena Murray, Specialist in Public Health Medicine
  3. Vaccine preventable diseases - Dr Kevin Connolly, Chairperson National Immunisations Advisory Committee (NIAC)
  4. Consent issues - Dr Helena Murray, Specialist in Public Health Medicine.
  5. Vaccine administration- Breda Culhane, Clinical Nurse Specialist Practice Nursing
  6. Storage and Handling - Cliona Kiersey, Chief Pharmacist
  7. Essential Forms for Immunisations - Frances Heaney, Primary Care Manager (no presentation available)
  8. Current Immunisation schedule and possible future changes - Dr Brenda Corcoran, Consultant in Public Health Medicine
  9. Deviations- late entrants etc. - Dr Kevin Connolly
  10. Adverse events following immunisation - Dr Anna Clarke
  11. Vaccination Hesitancy - Dr Brenda Corcoran
  12. Medication Protocol update - Ms Patricia Mc Quillan, PDC for Practice Nurses


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