Ordering Information Materials

Immunisation Publications can be ordered from www.healthpromotion.ie.

Choose Immunisation from the dropdown menu on the right of the title page - you will be able to order a range of materials for childhood and adult immunisations.

If you are a healthcare professional and will be placing a number of orders for information materials over a period of time for your patients why not consider registering as a healthcare professional?

  • You will benefit from being able to access more information materials,
  • You can order larger quantities of materials for your workplace and patients,
  • Your delivery details are stored on our secure system so you can reorder without entering your details each time,
  • You can track your order from order receipt to delivery,
  • You can access other health promotion materials for your patients or work colleagues.

If you would like to register as a healthcare professional download the how to guide

There is a FAQ page that should answer any questions you have http://www.healthpromotion.ie/faq

If you have any other questions please use the contact us tab http://www.healthpromotion.ie/contact_us

This page was updated on 22 January 2018