HSE Civil Registration Service

The HSE's Civil Registration Service plays an important role in the lives of Irish people, responsible for helping people to register their children's births, along with marriages, civil partnerships and deaths.

The Civil Registration Service also officiates at Civil Marriage and Civil Partnerships. Choose from the options below to find out how our services work and how to get in touch with us, and also how to use our website to purchase copies of certificates online.

Order a Certificate online -You can now order a birth, domestic adoption, marriage, civil partnership, death or still-birth certificate online
Getting Married in Ireland - Find out about getting married in Ireland and giving 3 months notification of intention to marry
Register a Birth - Find out more about birth registration
Register a Death - Find out more about death registration
Registrars of BirthsDeaths and Marriages - Contact details for your local Civil Registration Service Office where you can purchase a certificate, register a life event or enquire about registration services
Links - Other related websites that may be of assistance