Approved Medications

From June 2014, for all new Long Term Illness Scheme patients, the HSE is changing how medications are approved under the scheme.  The HSE has developed Core Lists for each of the Prescribed LTI conditions, showing the medication groups that are automatically approved for each condition. This is being done, for new LTI patients only, to ensure that the LTI Scheme is working in the same way in all areas, for all patients.

The Core Lists were developed following detailed consultation with Medical Officers, HSE Pharmacists and HSE Medicines Management Programme..  The HSE is satisfied that all medicines that should be necessary for the treatment of each primary LTI condition are provided on these Core Lists. Patients, General Practitioners and Community Pharmacists can view the approved medication lists for each condition below:

In conjunction with the Medicines Management Programme, the core lists have been reviewed and uploaded effective 1st September, 2016.



List of Medication

Core List

Acute Leukaemia LTI List N - December 2016 Core List N - Dec 2016
Intellectual Disability LTI List A - Dec 2016.pdf (size 57.3 KB) Core List A - Dec 2016
Cerebral Palsy LTI List C - Dec 2016.pdf (size 89 KB) Core List C - Dec 2016
Mental Illness (in a person under 16) LTI List P - Dec 2016 Core List P - Dec 2016
Cystic Fibrosis LTI List L - Dec 2016 Core List L - Dec 2016
Multiple Sclerosis LTI List J - Dec 2016.pdf (size 1.7 MB) Core List J - Dec 2016
Diabetes Insipidus LTI List G - Dec 2016.pdf (size 74.9 KB) Core List G - Dec 2016
Muscular Dystrophies LTI List D - Dec 2016.pdf (size 604.7 KB) Core List D - Dec 2016
Diabetes Mellitus LTI List F - Dec 2016.pdf (size 173.6 KB) Core List F - Dec 2016
Parkinsonism LTI List K - Dec 2016 Core List K - Dec 2016
Epilepsy LTI List H - Dec 2016 Core List H - Dec 2016
Phenylketonuria LTI List M - Dec 2016 Core List M - Dec 2016
Haemophilia LTI List E - Dec 2016.pdf (size 16.5 KB) Core List E - Dec 2016
Spina Bifida LTI List Q - Dec 2016 Core List Q - Dec 2016
Hydrocephalus LTI List B - Dec 2016.pdf (size 83.8 KB) Core List B - Dec 2016
Conditions arising from the use of Thalidomide LTI List R - Dec 2016 Core List R - Dec 2016

For people joining the LTI Scheme from September 2014, medicines on these lists are now automatically approved for each of the LTI conditions. This will make it much clearer for patients and health professionals what types of medicines are included in the LTI scheme for each condition, and will reduce the amount of administration for patients and healthcare professionals in adding medication to a patient’s LTI book.   Where a patient has LTI eligibility and are prescribed an item on the core list for their condition, it will no longer be necessary to get approval on each occasion that a medicine is changed.

Where a medicine or product has been prescribed by a hospitals doctor or team, and is not on the automatic approval list, an appeal for a product to be added to the patient’s individually approved requirements can be considered, and will involve demonstrating a link with the patients primary LTI condition.

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