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GPs provide Out of Hours services for their patients usually through GP Co-operatives which the HSE part funds. The out of hour service is for urgent medical care only and is for public and private patients of GPs who are registered with the individual service (see list below).

To access a GP out of hours service your GP must be registered with the out of hours service; you should check that with your GP next time you have an appointment.

Your GP will have their out of hours information on the answer machine should you ring them outside normal clinic hours. Medical cover is usually between 6pm and 8am Monday to Friday and 24 hours on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays. The service does not provide routine clinic appointments and if your medical issue is non-urgent you should make an appointment with your GP during normal clinic hours.

Making an appointment with a GP Out of Hours service

The GP Out of Hours service is by appointment only.  Appointments with local General Practitioners are made following a call with a member of nursing staff.  The nurse will go through a series of questions to discuss your (or your child’s) clinical symptoms to establish if you need to see a doctor urgently.

If an appointment with a GP Out of Hours service is clinically assessed as necessary, you will be asked to attend your appointment at a set time and place.  If you are a Medical card or GP visit card holder (under 6 and over 70) you must bring your card with you otherwise you will be charged for the appointment.

What happens when I ring a GP Out of Hours service?

  • When you ring the Out of Hours service in your area a trained receptionist will take your personal details.
  • Your call will be referred to a triage nurse who will ring you back.
  • Following a discussion with the triage nurse they will clinically assess whether you need over-the-phone nursing advice; an appointment with a GP; a house call; a referral to the Emergency Department; or an ambulance.
  • Clinical decisions or treatments are noted in your record and the information is forwarded to your family GP to ensure your treatment is followed up if required.