Children First Training for HSE Staff

"An Introduction to Children First" is mandatory for all HSE staff (permanent, temporary, agency, locum or visiting), students and volunteers, irrespective of role or grade.

‘An Introduction to Children First’

This is an online E-learning programme about the responsibilities of all HSE staff, students and volunteers under Children First. 

Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children (2017) is the National Guidance which promotes the safety and well-being of all children. Children First states that “protecting children from harm is everyone’s responsibility”. The HSE has a responsibility under Children First to ensure that all staff members or volunteers are aware of how to recognise signs of child abuse or neglect and how to make a report to the Child and Family Agency (Tusla).

Who should undertake the Children First E-Learning programme?

It is HSE policy that all HSE staff should have a basic awareness of Children First by completing this E-Learning module. The training is free of charge and a HSE email address is not required to register with HSeLanD.

All HSE Staff register for the module through 

HSE Staff and HSE Funded Services Training

HSE staff access the module by logging on to If you do not already have an account on HSeLanD, you can create an account here:

If you have any difficulty creating an account, there’s a clear guide here - just click on ‘how do I create an account’. It talks you through all the steps and they have a support team if you’re stuck (found at 

After registering on HSeLanD, click on “My Learning” and type “Children First” in the search box to locate the programme.

Volunteers in the HSE can register for the module through

How long is the programme?

The E-Learning programme lasts approximately one and a half hours. The module was designed with varying ability levels in mind and launched through HSeLanD can be accessed on any smart phone, tablet or PC, making the module accessible at work or in a public space such as a library/education centre or on a home computer.

Elearning Overview

The programme is narrated and includes video scenes. It is interactive and prompts the viewer to move on to the next steps, making it is easy to navigate.

Do I get a certificate on completion of the e-learning module?

When you have successfully completed the module and passed the assessment you will receive a certificate of completion which you should forward to your line manager. It is recommended that this certificate should be retained on the individual personnel file to meet regulatory requirements of the HSE, CFA, HIQA, the NMBI or other relevant bodies. Your certificate will be valid for three years. The module can be taken again after three years as refresher training and you will be issued with a new certificate on successful completion of the module.

What happens if I fail the assessment?

You can re-take the assessment several times until you achieve the pass rate. If you have difficulty understanding the information in the module, please ask your line manager for support and help. You can also contact the HSE Children First National Office by telephone or by e-mail:

Please note: Some Internet Explorer users are experiencing issues launching the e-learning module. HSeLand provides a method to check your PC and it can be found here; PC Check.


Your local ICT support can assist with any issues identified during the PC Check. If PC Check does not identify the issue then you can send an email to HSeLanD for assistance.

Should you feel you require additional training or information having completed ‘An Introduction to Children First’, please do not hesitate to contact the HSE Children First National Office who can provide further guidance.