Healthy Food Made Easy

Nutrition and Cooking Programme

Healthy Food Made Easy is a 6 week course; 2- 2 ½ hour sessions per week. It aims to

  • Encourage healthy eating,
  • Improve our knowledge of nutrition when preparing our meals at home,
  • Learn healthy meals on a budget

The course outline is as follows:

  1. Building a food pyramid
  2. The fibre providers
  3. Focus on fats
  4. Food for life
  5. Shop smart!
  6. The road ahead

There will be an opportunity for all participants to prepare, cook and eat healthy food in Sessions 2-6.

If you have any questions, or belong to a group that would like further information please contact:

HFME Project Coordinator,
Southside Partnership
Tel: 01-7060113.

or download our flyer