UL Graduate Entry Medical School

UL Graduate Entry Medical School

The UL Graduate Entry Medical School offers a four-year medical degree programme open to graduates from any discipline. It has a highly innovative curriculum that aims to produce doctors who are well equipped to meet the existing and emerging needs of Irish society.

The graduate entry medical programme at the University of Limerick will produce doctors who are competent, confident and caring; who understand the scientific basis of medicine; who recognise the social and environmental context in which health and illness exist and in which medicine is practised; and who have skills for and commitment to service, teamwork, scientific enquiry, self-fulfilment and life-long learning.

UL Graduate Entry Medical School
University of Limerick

Email: medicalschool@ul.ie
Phone: 00-353-61-234850 / 00-353-61-234851
Fax : 061 233778

Gems UHL Group

From left to right
Row 1: Dr. Els Gillis (Intern), Darya Yermak (Medical Student), Prof. Austin Stack (Foundation Chair of Medicine), Dr Waleed Mohammed (Clinical Tutor / Research Fellow)
Row 2: Dr Mohamed Elsayed (Clinical Tutor / Research Fellow), Dr. Liam Casserly (Consultant Nephrologist), Prof. Ailish Hannigan (Associate Professor of Biomedical Statistics), Dr John Ferguson PhD (Research Fellow in Biostatistics), Dr Hatim Yagoub )Clinical Tutor / Research Fellow)