Person-Centred Planning Framework Implementation

For persons with disabilities receiving support services, person-centred planning is a key process to focus the delivery of services and supports on the person and how they want to live their life.  A benchmarking exercise completed with providers of day services in 2016 indicated that the majority of organisations had a model of person-centred planning in place.  However, the same exercise identified the need for a more consistent approach to person-centred planning.

A National Person-Centred Planning Framework was launched in 2018.  The framework respects the models of person-centred planning that has been implemented over the years.  Service providers are currently examining if their model of person-centred planning is aligned with the framework.  Service providers are now working to address any areas of practice that do not conform with the framework.

Detailed guidance has been developed and is part of the PCP Webinar Series which is available on HSeLanD.  All staff working in day services are currently viewing the full webinar series.

The suite of documents to support organisations to progress the implementation of the framework are as follows:-

Person-Centred Planning Framework Report

Person-Centred Planning Framework Summary Report

Easy to Read - Person-Centred Planning Framework

Person-Centred Planning Framework - Tools and Resources

Easy to Read - Finding out if person-centred planning is working for you

A Guide to Circles of Support

Circles of Support - One page summary

A Guide to Goal Setting in Person-Centred Planning

Goal Setting - One page Summary

A Guide to Understanding the Difference between Person-Centred Plan and Personalised Care and Support Plans

Understanding the Difference between Plans - One page summary

Research Report - Person-Centred Planning - Literature Review

Research Report - Current Person-Centred Planning Practice 2017

Research Report - National Framework for Person-Centred Planning - Analysis of HIQA Inspection

Report of Demonstration Project 2019