Financial support for carers

What allowances or grants are available for Carers?

Carers Allowance, Domiciliary Care Allowance, Respite Care Grant. You can read more about all of these schemes on the website of the Department of Social Protection,

What rules apply?

You cannot get both carers’ benefit and pension. You can choose to take the one that is more advantageous to you.

How do I know what I’m entitled to?

Your local Citizens Information centre will be able to advise you. You can also get advice from your community welfare officer, usually located in the local health centre, other Carers at the carers groups within our services, and the Carers Association are another great resource.

How long will I get it for?

That depends on your particular circumstances. But support usually lasts as long as you remain a carer.

How do I apply for financial support?         

You can get the forms from the local Citizens Information Centre or Social Welfare Office.


Keep a photocopy of all of the documentation you submit (and remember where you put it!)