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HIV and AIDS Education and Prevention Plan 2008 - 2012

HIV and AIDS Education and Prevention Plan 2008 - 2012Although AIDS remains a complex and incurable disease, it is preventable. International publications clearly highlight that the AIDS epidemic can only be reversed if effective HIV prevention measures are intensified in scale and scope. As the UNAIDS Policy Position Paper of July 2005, entitled Intensifying HIV Prevention, stated: 'In response to the urgent need for action to reduce the growing numbers of new HIV infections, the board [of UNAIDS] strongly endorsed a new policy approach to intensify HIV prevention efforts.

This policy position paper outlines essential principles, policy and programmatic actions that are needed to get ahead of the HIV epidemic' (UNAIDS, 2005). While AIDS-related morbidity and mortality have improved in many high-income countries due to the availability of antiretroviral treatment, the rate of new infections continues to increase, posing a threat to the whole AIDS response.