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Travel and Subsistence

Employees who are required to travel on official business will be paid the travel and subsistence rates approved by the Department of Health and Children.

General Rules

Travelling and subsistence allowances are payable only in respect of necessary absence from an employee's official base. All travelling duties should be planned so as to reduce the total amount of travel to the minimum consistent with efficiency.  All official travel should be by the shortest practicable routes and by the cheapest practicable mode of transport. Return tickets, contract, season or other cheap tickets should be used wherever a saving in travelling expenses is secured thereby.

The subsistence allowance payable is not intended to meet the whole cost of subsistence when absent from home and base and is not intended to be a source of emolument or profit.

An employee who is required to use his/her car in the course of official business can do so only in the following circumstances;

(a)  where no suitable public transport is available (i.e. train or bus)

(b)  where public transport is available only at equal or greater expense

(c)  where the use of public transport would result in the loss of official time which it is necessary to avoid.

Where more than one officer is travelling to the same area, arrangements should where feasible, be made to avoid the unnecessary duplication of the use of the officers’ own cars.

Please note that employees may not use their private vehicles on official business without first producing evidence that there is a current motor insurance policy covering his/her use of the vehicle in connection with his/her business or profession. The policy must be extended to indemnify the HSE.

Travelling and Subsistence Regulations are set out in Department of Finance Circular 11/82 

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