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Foundation Programme in Sexual Health Promotion (FPSHP) - Mullingar, Co Westmeath

The FPSHP is a 10-day comprehensive capacity building training programme for service providers who want to develop their confidence, skills and knowledge in the area of sexual health promotion, and incorporate sexual health promotion into their work.

Who is the programme for?

The FPSHP is for service providers from the health, education, community and youth sectors who have the potential and capacity to undertake Sexual Health Promotion within their organisation.

Is the course certified?

The FPSHP has been evaluated by Trinity College Dublin. It is certified by HSE Health Promotion & Improvement and endorsed by:

  • The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland Category 1(35 CEUs)
  • Irish Association Social Workers Accredited
  • Irish Association Counselling and Psychotherapy 60 hours attended

What is the benefit to participants and their organisations?

Participants will:

  • Have the opportunity to improve their knowledge, skills and confidence in relation to sexual health work in their organisation.
  • Have access to a Sexual Health Resource Library to support their work in Sexual Health Promotion in their organisation on completion of the programme.
  • Receive ongoing updates/newsletters relating to Sexual Health.
  • Be notified of further related training events.

Programme Content

This programme takes a holistic, life-course approach to sexual health promotion. The course content includes:

  • Sexual Health Promotion in the Irish Context
  • A Life-Course Approach to Sexual Health (Puberty, Fertility, Sexual Function and Dysfunction)
  • Physical Sexual Health (Contraception and STIs)
  • Self Esteem and Sexual Health
  • Sex, Society and Culture (including Diversity and Discrimination)
  • Irish Law and Sexual Health (including Power and Sex; Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships)
  • Working safely around Sexual Health (including Policy Development and Facilitation Skills)
  • Assessing needs and Action Planning


The programme utilises participatory and experiential methodologies. The focus is on providing opportunities for group work, open discussion and the exploration of participants’ personal attitudes and values in relation to sexual health.


The programme fee is covered by HSE Health Promotion and Improvement, Health and Wellbeing Division (HSE Midlands).


The Foundation Programme in Sexual Health Promotion is a 10 day course delivered across a 5 month period (2 days per month back to back).

Attendance at all 10 days is compulsory for certification.

All 10 Foundation Programme in Sexual Health Promotion Training days run from: 9.30am to 4.30pm

Course dates - all Tuesdays and Wednesdays

  • October 6th & 7th 2020
  • November 10 & 11th  2020
  • December 8th & 9th 2020
  • January 12th & 13th 2021
  • February 9th & 10th 2021


Mullingar town - venue will be confirmed at interview stage

Application process

Application is a 2-step process comprising an application form and telephone interview (interviews will take place the weeks of 15th and 22nd June 2020), times will be arranged with each applicant prior to that.

Application forms must be signed by a line manager to confirm approval to attend the complete programme.

You can download the application form here.

You can download additional pages to attach to your application form here.

The closing date for receipt of applications is Monday 25th May 2020.

Hard copies of the application form are also available on request from the Health Promotion & Improvement Office Tullamore. Contact Kathleen Pardy: 057 93 57828/57800 Kathleen.pardy@hse.ie.

Completed applications be posted to Margaret Whittaker, Health Promotion & Improvement, Floor 2, Scott Building, Midlands Regional Hospital Tullamore, Arden Rd, Tullamore, Co Offaly.

Evaluation and Testimonials

The evaluation “Capacity Building Impact of the Foundation Programme in Sexual Health Promotion: A Multiple Stakeholder Perspective” showed a “positive evaluation of all aspects of the FPSHP and high degrees of satisfaction with the programme overall; participants perceived more supports than obstacles in implementing what was learned and participants doubled the number of sexual health promotion activities they engaged in” on completion of the course.

Evaluation testimonials:

This course was interesting and engaging and delivered in creative and innovative way. I was challenged to question my current knowledge base and the attitudes, values and beliefs underpinning it. It inspired me to subtly change my practice from waiting for the client to discuss their sexual health to seeing sex and sexuality as part of the whole person and worthy of mention in talking about general health and wellbeing. I highly recommend this course – a motivational learning treat! (Participant comment)

‘[name of participant] runs nurse-led smear clinics as part of the [names specialist] service. She educates and counsels patients regarding sexual health in these clinics. As a result of the course her confidence in doing so has increased’ (Manager’s comment)