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Resource Pack: Stress Management European Safety & Health at Work

Foreword - Bringing Policy to Practice - Resource Pack

The HSE recognises that its employees are its most important asset in the delivery of high-quality health and social services and at its core are the values: "Care, Compassion, Trust and Learning". The management of safety, health and welfare is of fundamental importance in upholding these values.

The HSE fully supports the European Week for Safety and Health campaign on: "Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress".

This campaign has provided an opportunity for those services within the HSE that already provide safety, health and wellbeing advice to work collaboratively to ensure that effective tools, guidance and information are readily available to help managers and employees in bringing policy to practice.

To ensure a collaborative approach, a working group was established by the Information & Advisory Tem on behalf of the National Health & Safety Function. This group included key stakeholders from Health Promotion, Occupational Health, Employee Assistance, Occupational Safety and Health, Performance and Development, Organisational Psychology, Communications and Human Resources.

The HSE published its Policy for Prevention and Management of Stress in the Workplace 2012 and this was revised in 2015. This Policy sets out the framework for the prevention and management of stress in the workplace and clearly outlines the responsibilities of all HSE employees in relation to workplace stress. It identifies that Managers at all levels of the HSE have responsibility for carrying out risk assessments and for implementing a suitable risk control strategy.

However, we must all play our part in achieving the highest possible standards of Occupational Safety and Health for the benefit of ourselves, our colleagues and the service.

To assist and support Managers in their role, a comprehensive resource pack has been put together by the working group. The tools in this pack are designed to help managers identify, prevent and manage stress in the workplace.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in the working group for their time, enthusiasm and input in creating and developing these resources and laying the foundations for a meaningful campaign.

Head of National Health and Safety Function

Nick Parkinson

Head of National Health and Safety Function


Resource Pack

Policy on Preventing and Managing Critical Incident Stress

Policy for Prevention and Management of Stress in the Workplace 2018

UK Management Standards

Guidance note for Managers - HSE Workplace stress risk assessment (flowchart)

HSE Stress Workplace Flowchart

Workplaces Stress Risk Assessment Form

Sample Risk Assessment Form