Safety Statements and Risk Assessments

Safety Statements

Corporate Safety Statement 2020

Guideline for developing your Site/Service Safety Statement

HSE Safety Management Programme Emergency Department Supplementary Note

Risk Assessments

Guidelines on Completion of Occupational Safety and Health Risk Assessments

Risk Assessment Forms

The General Risk Assessment Form is to be used for all hazards, with exception of Chemical, DSE, Pregnancy and  Workplace Stress for which there are specific risk assessment forms as found below.

 General Risk Assessment Form

Specific Risk Assessment Forms

Chemical Agents

Display Screen Equipment

Pregnant Employee 

Workplace Stress 

People Handling Risk Assessment Form and Guidance

Task Specific Manual Handling - Inanimate Loads

Guidance on Completion of Risk Assessment Forms

General Risk Assessment Form

Biological Agents

Chemical Agents

Display Screen Equipment

Sample Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment

Workplace Stress

Sample Stress Risk Assessment Form

Pregnancy Assessment SAGN

Sample Task Specific Manual Handling - Inanimate Loads - Risk Assessment Form

Prompt Sheets

Department Service Security Prompt Sheet

Lone Working Prompt Sheet

Portable Electrical Equipment Prompt Sheet

Use of Kick Stools and Step Ladders Prompt Sheet

Use of Sharps Prompt Sheet

Office Environment Prompt Sheet

Clinical Risk Waste on the Ward/Department

H&S Risk Assessment process is based on the QAVD Integrated Risk Management Framework.

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