Responding to Results - St. Luke's Rathgar

Responding to Results - St. Luke's Rathgar

Sinéad Woods

In early 2019, the results of the 2018 Staff Survey were disseminated across the various services of the HSE. Staff Surveys are used in almost every industry to measure various different aspects of employees experience in the workplace. They provide management and staff a comprehensive overview of what it’s like to work for that organisation and highlight where improvements are required. As several of the questions and sections in the 2018 Staff Survey measured staff engagement, “Engaging Health Staff – An Action Plan 2019 – 2021” was developed to help services and regions respond to their survey results. Recently we reached out to our HR colleagues across the HSE to find out how they’re responding to the 2018 Staff Survey results. With the feedback we received, one particular hospitals response caught our eye …St Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network (SLRON), Rathgar.

Staff at St. Lukes Rathgar

Image 1: Teri, Michelle, Fergal and Niamh from St. Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network, Rathgar

Putting it all into Practise

So what is SLRON Rathgar's secret? Fergal, the HR Manager says that putting the Staff Survey results on the agenda of every team meeting was key. Team meetings have become the norm among the departments in Rathgar, with the HR team also having weekly HR Huddles to keep up to date on what’s happening. The HR team also make themselves available in the 3 St. Luke’s Centres (Rathgar, Beaumont and St. James’s) to discuss personal HR matters with staff in person. It would seem that SLRON in Rathgar hit the ground running after receiving their Survey results. Fergal explained that their first point of call after analysing their report was to improve the results surrounding bullying and harassment. Similar to the overall Health Services result, ~80% of staff in SLRON responded that they had witnessed bullying/harassment in the workplace in the last 12 months. Fergal and his team took action to improve this result by ensuring that all staff completed the HSELands Dignity at Work module. For staff members that did not have computer access, the HR team ensured that a day was scheduled to give this cohort of staff a presentation on the module to ensure all staff were briefed.

Donal Hollywood garden St Lukes

Image 2: The award winning Prof. Donal Hollywood Garden on the grounds of St. Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network, Rathgar

Given the Rathgar teams emphasis on listening and responding to staff feedback, it came as no surprise to learn that exit interviews had been introduced. Fergal explained that it has provided them with useful and positive feedback. Fergal said that before they started doing exit interviews in SLRON Rathgar, the HR and other departments generally assumed that staff leaving had negative feelings towards work. But the feedback from the interviews quickly debunked those assumptions with most staff choosing to leave for personal reasons so far. He explained that this extra information has given the department a small boost.

Induction is a great opportunity for managers to talk to their new members of staff, making sure that they know how their new role aligns with the organisations overall objectives and sign-post certain policies, strategies or the training/development opportunities available to them. Induction mornings are held in SLRON Rathgar and I was told that during these mornings special efforts are made to ensure the new staff member understands how their role links with patient care. New staff members are also allocated a Work Buddy to help them settle into their new workplace whether that be by answering questions or by being tea break buddy until the newcomer finds their feet.

Keeping Staff Healthy at SLRON Rathgar

Sli na Slainte

Image 3: The Entrance to the Slí na Slainte route in SLRON Rathgar

Health and Wellbeing is a major section in the Staff Survey as it is in employer’s interest (and public interest in the case of the HSE) to have a healthy and thriving workforce. As staff spend a large part of their day at work, organisations must make resources available to look after staff health and wellbeing. More and more we are seeing how services and regions across the HSE are linking Staff Engagement with Health and Wellbeing! A Healthy Ireland Committee in SLRON Rathgar meets once a month to discuss upcoming plans and initiatives they have on-going. Classes and clubs available include Pilates, Yoga, the Walking and hiking club that organised the Climb Everest Challenge and also a pitch-and-put competition was recently held. Frequent surveys are sent out to staff to ensure that the activities being offered are meeting their needs and interests, establishing a very important feedback loop to the committee. The committee also give a monthly nutritional tip and are currently in the process of applying for the Irish Health Foundations – Active at Work Awards. Soon staff will be dusting off their aprons and channel their inner Mary Berry to compete in The Edible Book Competition for National Book Day. All we can say is that we hope Staff don’t judge the book by the frosting.

What an informative and refreshing visit proving that responding to the Staff Survey results can be unique, innovative and fun! We hope this blog sparks your interest in the Staff Survey results and how you can play your part in improving your employee experience. The “Engaging Health Staff – An Action Plan” is a great resource to start this journey so print it off and bring it along to your next team meeting!

Just like everything else in SLRON in Rathgar, my site-visit was organised to the 9’s, and I’d like to thank Michelle, Teri, Jackie, Fergal and Niamh for a lovely visit.