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Health Sector National Staff Survey 2016. 

To all health service staff,


I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you that gave your time to complete the second Irish public health service wide employee survey, Your Opinion Counts, conducted recently.


I want to underline my commitment and that of the leadership and management at all levels across the Health Sector to make improvements based on what you have said.


The response rate for the survey was 15%, more than double the response rate of the 2014 Survey. This is encouraging and we hope that more of you will take part next time, when you have seen evidence that we are listening to you and really want to make a difference. The survey findings can be accessed here 


The overall survey findings, as well as customised reports for individual organisations have issued to the Chief Executive of each Hospital Group (HG) and the Chief Officer of each CHO Area. These reports provide detailed information on how you the staff view your work and work environment as well as what improvements need to be made.


The results tell us that levels of enthusiasm and contentment have improved since 2014 and that seven out of ten of you are motivated in your jobs. In addition many staff feel a sense of pride to work for their health service organisation. There is also a good sense of teams working effectively together and individual and team objectives being generally clear and realistic.


The majority (88%) feel that your role makes a difference to patients/service users and 66% feel that care of patients/service users is the top priority for the health service organisation where you work.


While there are lots of positives in the results we are also listening carefully to what you have told us about areas for improvement. One of the key pieces of feedback from the 2014 Staff Survey was the importance of follow-up action in relation to the findings and this is something that we want to be proactive on.  We hope to use this Staff Survey as a vehicle for improving staff engagement across all levels of our healthcare services. In this regard, each HG and CHO has been asked to organise their own Post Survey Feedback and Planning Event with a proportional representation of staff over the next couple months.  These events will allow our staff to input on what are the most pressing areas for improvement and to develop plans to address these areas.  I would ask that if you get an opportunity to be involved in these workshops that you take part and give us your open and honest views.  The outcome from each workshop will inform the local improvement plans and national initiatives to be implemented during the year.  It is also hoped that these local events will be the first step in forming permanent local engagement groups; somewhere where the voices of staff on how to create a more positive place to work can be heard and then acted upon.

This has been a significant step in a process of listening to your views and opinions.  Using this information to improve the working lives of all staff will ultimately lead to better care for our patients.  The feedback will also be used to form part of our health service wide approach to the further implementation of our ‘People Strategy’ and our organisational values and culture, with the objective of making health services a better place to work for all of us.


Tony O’Brien

Director General