Mental Health

The Mental Health Division has responsibility for all Mental Health Services including:-

Area based Mental Health Services including approved in-patient residential centres and all community based teams.
Child and Adolescent Mental Health, General Adult, Psychiatry of Old Age
National Forensic Mental Health Service
National Counselling Service
National Office for Suicide Prevention

The Mental Health Management Team, led by the National Director, Anne O'Connor, comprises

Yvonne O'Neill, Head of Planning, Performance & Programme Management
Jim Ryan, Head of Operations, Quality and Service Improvement
Patrick McGowan, Interim Head of Service, Family Member and Carer Engagement
Margo Wrigley, National Clinical Adviser and Clinical Programme Group Lead for Mental Health

Yvonne O'Neill, Head of Planning and Programme Management

Yvonne leads on planning, performance and programme management for mental health and facilitates integration with other HSE divisions and with the overall HSE planning and performance function. She oversees the development of the necessary local service planning, performance and programme management capacity within mental health to prepare for the intended move to local autonomous services under the health reform programme.

Jim Ryan, Head of Operations, Quality and Service Improvement

Jim oversees day to day operational management of mental health services including continuous improvement programmes and management of service plan deliverables. In exercising day to day operational authority on behalf of the National Director, Jim ensures that regular contact is maintained with ISA's and that only issues requiring national input are dealt with by the national team. In doing so, the overriding imperative is to ensure that local services are supported and facilitated to make their own decisions within the overall governance process and nationally set parameters. Jim also oversees the development and supports the implementation of comprehensive frameworks in the areas of quality, service user safety, risk and incident management, standards and compliance within the Mental Health Service. The Head of the Office of Suicide Prevention, Gerry Raleigh, is part of the Operations, Quality and Service Improvement Team but reports directly to the National Director for Mental Health.

Liam Hennessy, Head of Service User, Family and Carer Engagement

Liam is a member of the National Management Team.  His role will include supporting the Area Leads in their work, developing national engagement structures and leading the Office of the Head of Service User Family Member and Carer Engagement. He will provide leadership and guidance on engaging and developing effective partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders. For more information on this role, visit our website

Margo Wrigley, National Clinical Adviser and Clinical Programme Group Lead for Mental Health (half-time)

The core purpose of the role is to ensure alignment between the Mental Health Division and the National Clinical Strategy and Programmes Division hence the role is a joint appointment between Mental Health and the National Clinical Programmes. Margo oversees the development of the Mental Health Clinical Programmes, providing expert clinical advice, perspective and practical support to the Division on a 2-day per week basis. She will also work with leads in the other Divisions thereby actively supporting the development of integrated models of care across all Divisions. The role will also support the development of structured interfaces with other strategic HSE functions such as workforce planning, informatics, quality and patient safety.