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Welcome to the Staff Engagement section of our website

Do you ask staff what their suggestions for improvement are?  How do you create opportunities for staff to develop solutions to challenges they face daily?

We believe passionately in the knowledge, creativity and commitment of staff.   We also believe that because staff have a unique insight into the challenges of their services, they are often best placed to develop practical and sustainable solutions with patients and service users.

If you are interested in the welfare and experience of your service users and staff, in improving clinical outcomes or productivity and cost management, then staff engagement is critical.  International research tells us that staff engagement is essential part of improving quality.  It is a key driver on the Framework for Improving Quality in our Health Service and is intrinsically linked to the other drivers.  

The staff engagement section of our website will assist you as you further develop your staff engagement skills.  The key sections are:

Upcoming events

Some of our upcoming events are listed below.  You’ll find more information on the relevant sections of our site with details of how to register!

  • Inaugural Schwartz Rounds Conference Fostering Connection and Compassion  20th February 2018  Dublin Castle. Please click here

What is staff engagement?

The health sector definition for staff engagement as developed by the members of the National Staff Engagement Forum is:

“Staff are engaged when they feel valued, are emotionally connected, fully involved, enthusiastic and committed to providing a good service... when each person knows that what they do and say matters and makes a difference.” National Staff Engagement Forum 2016

This section of the website sets out some top tips for engagement and includes stories from a number of our projects which we’ve been working on in collaboration with services throughout the country and the Human Resources Division. To watch a clip on what staff engagement means to some members of our National Staff Engagement Forum, please click: 170707 Staff Engagement.mp4

For some staff engagement tips that you can print, please click here

What is our role in helping you?

The Staff Engagement Improving Programme works:

  • to support leaders to further develop their skills for staff engagement,
  • partners with services to develop and test methodologies which value the staff voice and encourage creative problem solving for quality improvement, and
  • shares learning.

We hope this section of our website will be helpful!   Also we would love to hear from you if you have any ideas you would like to share with us or you are interested in:

  • learning more about Front Line Ownership and how it might support your work,
  • joining a Liberating Structures User Group
  • hearing about Schwartz Rounds in Ireland, or
  • learning more about ways to engage staff to improve quality.

Best of luck in all your work.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Contact Details:

  • Maureen Flynn, Quality Improvement Division Lead Governance and Staff Engagement for Quality | 01 635 2344
  • Juanita Guidera, Quality Improvement Division Lead Staff Engagement | 087 064 23 08
  • Lisa Toland, Quality Improvement Division Microsystems Facilitator | 076 6956946
  • Orla  O'Reilly, Quality Improvement Division | 045 882 544  

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Pictured here are staff in University Hospital Kerry celebrating their success using Front Line Ownership.  For more information click on Developing your engagement skills and see our section on FLO!