Visual identity guidelines

Our visual identity includes a logo, font, colours and imagery styles that work together, delivering our communications in a clear and reliable way for everyone.

HSE branding is instantly recognisable and associated with trust and confidence. Using the logo means patients and the public can easily identify communications from the HSE.

Using HSE branding we:

  • standardise how our communications look and feel
  • ensure consistency across our different services
  • build trust and confidence with our patients, the public and stakeholders
When to use the visual identity guidelines

Use the guidelines in any new communications. This might include stationery, reports, emails and information materials. Existing communications, signage, uniforms or printed materials do not have to be changed to meet these guidelines.

Who should use the visual identity guidelines

These guidelines are for use by the HSE and can be followed by all HSE-funded organisations.

Visual identity guidelines
Visual identity guidelines full version

HSE Visual Identity Guidelines - full version (PDF, 4.5MB, 25 pages)

HSE logo

HSE logo in green, black, white and JPG, PNG, EPS, PDF file formats (Zip folder, 3.2MB)

Powerpoint presentations

Powerpoint presentation using HSE logo (Powerpoint, 4.6MB, 20 slides)

Powerpoint presentation using HSE logo and partner logo (Powerpoint, 4MB, 5 slides)

HSE display backgrounds for desktop, MS Teams, Zoom and Webinars

HSE wallpaper 1 (JPG, 3.6MB, 1 file)

HSE wallpaper 2 (JPG, 3.3MB, 1 file)

Display backgrounds x 6 (Zip folder, 728KB)

Guide to print, design and distribution

Guide to print, design and distribution of communications materials (PDF, 379KB, 9 pages)

Video production

Video best practice guidelines

Video branding and style guidelines


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