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HSE Logo and Mission

The HSE is our public health service, and now and over the coming years, we are experiencing ongoing organisational change as we work to build a better health service. During this process it is expected that new health and social care organisations like Hospital Groups, Community Health Organisations, National Divisions and Programmes will be building their own identities as our public health and care services evolve. 

We have created, and in 2017, updated the HSE's Brand Guideline to help provide stability and consistency for people in our care, and people working with us.  These brand guidelines provide an efficient and effective branding framework that will ensure clear signposting of services for patients and employees, as well as maintaining trust in the public health service as a whole.

Version 2 of the guidelines, published in 2017, provide some updated designs for how the HSE logo and mission should be used, and how it should be reflected in materials produced by new health and social care organisations. The guideline has been extended to include all HSE and partner organisations social marketing and public information advertising.  The guidelines also give some best practice guidance on steps to be taken when developing a new health and social care brand or logo.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These guidelines are to be followed for any new items created from the date of publication in September 2017, however they do not have to be applied retrospectively. No existing printed materials, like headed paper, signage etc have to be changed or updated. It is recommended that digital materials be updated as soon as regular maintenance would allow.

HSE Communications teams provide support to the health services in implementing brand requirements, and have developed this page for managers and communications teams to use as a resource.  On the pages below, you’ll find the guidelines themselves, along with other requirements, samples of letterheads and presentations.

For more information, talk to a member of your Communications Team – contact details are on www.hse.ie/communications

Guide to Print, Design and Distribution 

Your Guide to print, design and distribution of communications materials.pdf (size 214.1 KB)

Video production

Video best practice guidelines

Video branding and style guidelines

Media Relations

Media Relations Protocols for Health Service Employees