Building a Better Health Service


Acknowledge the work of your colleagues

My husband was treated for 8 weeks in an acute public hospital for an acquired brain injury.  I was with him everyday throughout his care and I'm so grateful for the compassion, care and kindness from the entire hospital team and the staff working within this unit.  One particular nurse in the unit takes time every night she is on duty to go to each patient in the unit and to say goodnight before they go off roster. 

One day this nurse was talking to people about how excited she was about attending her sons important soccer match that evening.  As she was leaving the hospital to go to the match a patient suffered a seizure.  The nurse could have gone home as she was being replaced by another nurse but she decided without hesitation to stay and help her colleague to ensure the patient was stabilised and comfortable.  She stayed a number of hours, missed the match yet still took time to say goodnight to all patients before she left as normal, and smiling as she did everyday. 

To see nurses helping one another, smiling and in some cases singing for patients is both humbling and heartfelt.  It really hit home that these nurses have families too, yet are willing to sacrifice their family time for our families.  My husband is home now. Thank you.

Taking the time to acknowledge the work of our colleagues has a powerful impact.