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Staff went out of their way

I was at a meeting in Dr Steevens and I saw the new ‘Values in Action’ poster which I think is excellent! On leaving my meeting I went to the car park to get my car and the car wouldn’t start.  I had left the lights on!  I went into reception to look for jump leads. They didn’t have any but Mick, Mark and Paul all volunteered to give my car a push to jump start.  As we started to manoeuvre the car another lady arrived in her car and immediately offered to help with jump leads etc.  Unfortunately we still couldn’t get the car started so I had to put a call into the AA . 

Mick offered to take my keys in case the AA came while I was at another meeting.  Mick was a great help later on when the AA arrived and we got the car sorted fairly quickly. I didn’t get the lady's name but she was so kind to help when I am sure she had meetings to get to.  I wanted to document this as four HSE Staff went out of their way to help.  I thought it was an excellent demonstration of the HSE Values in Action. Thanks to all involved. I really appreciated their help and kindness.