Building a Better Health Service


Striking a chord

My aunt, who is 87 years old has had a very difficult 6 months from a health perspective.  Since February of this year she has attended a number of hospitals.  Last week she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.   Despite these experiences my aunt has been very particular about calling out the high level of care received from the nursing and medical staff in particular in all of the hospitals she has spent time in.   I want to focus on a tremendously positive example of care and compassion my aunt experienced and continues to experience in Nenagh General Hospital. 

One nurse in particular, Noirin Corcoran, stands out.  I experienced Noirin's effect on my aunt over the weekend - her humour and mood visibly lifted when Noirin entered the ward. 

The following goes to typify Noirin's absolute commitment to care for her patients.  The previous day both my aunt and Noirin discovered they had a mutual admiration for the country and western singer Daniel O'Donnell.  Noirin happily told my aunt she was in fact heading to his concert in Limerick that evening. 

The following day Noirin came to my aunt's bedside, produced her daughter's iPod (because it had better camera than her phone!) where my aunt expected she was about to play a recording of the concert. In fact, Noirin had left the concert before the end, made her way backstage, queued for nearly an hour to meet Daniel O'Donnell in person to record a video message from Daniel O'Donnell wishing my aunt well.  She then requested my email address so she could email me the footage so my aunt could show to her friends and family.

Noirin's actions above have touched us all, particularly my aunt - it was a wonderfully kind and thoughtful gesture. 

My aunt cannot speak highly enough of Noirin's kindness and compassion.  I had the privilege of speaking with Noirin for a few minutes yesterday and can only agree with my aunt - Noirin is a most wonderful example of what nursing care should be in this time of tremendous distress for my aunt and our family.  Please pass on our absolute and heartfelt thanks for her continued compassion and professionalism.