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There is nothing like a friendly face

A lady attended our office for help with a medical card application, after she was diagnosed with cancer.  Processing of medical cards moved from our office in 2011 however we still help people with applications on a regular basis as quoted by one member of the public “there is nothing like a friendly face”.   

When we take in an application for a member of the public we make sure that everyone in the office is aware the application is sent and the status of them.

Once the medical card was issued and treatment was completed for the lady in question she returned to the office to thank all staff involved.  She told us that she wanted to thank us in person as it meant so much to her at a time when she needed help most.  She went on to tell us the comfort of being able to speak to someone face to face, she found it of huge support and the fact that staff followed up issues on her behalf and kept her updated at all times, showing genuine concern for her health and well-being was invaluable to her road to recovery.

She went on to tell us about the Cancer Support Service in Ballinasloe,  A Centre that provides patients with transport to and from their treatment appointments in UCHG, and  when they return to the Centre, food is provided for them, all on a voluntary basis

She was overwhelmed by the support given, and the fact that any member of staff within our office knew her situation and was able to update her at any time and the kindness shown. 

She attended again last week and added a new member to our team, who is brightening up our office, and of course getting the loving care only a team who work together can give,  yet to be named but here is a picture.

Thank you plant

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