Building a Better Health Service


Our Survey FAQs

1.       What is the purpose of this survey?

Values in Action is a behaviour based social movement that is active in the Irish health services. Its purpose is to create better experiences for those who use our health services and better workplaces for our staff. Values in Action can only be delivered through large scale mobilisation of staff and the commitment and willingness of senior leadership. By completing this survey you are helping us to identify colleagues who you think can help us to shape and grow the movement in Community Healthcare East.


2.        How do I find my colleagues?

Type your colleagues name and the system will start to drop down your colleagues name or colleagues with similar names. The system will also in most instances show your colleagues service area and role in the organisation. You will need to repeat this process for the four colleagues you are asked to identify.


 3. What if I can’t find the colleague I want to identify on the list?

Please contact us at with the details of the colleague you wish to include.  Please include their name, current role, location and email address if you know it.  We'll work on adding them to the process.


4. What do I do if my building is not listed.

If the building you work in most often is not listed, please select the building that is closest to your building.


5. Do I need to nominate 4 people in every question?

Ideally yes, but if you cannot think of any further colleagues you wish to identify then you can click on the next button in the top right of the screen to move on to the next question.


6. I can’t see my current grade on the list ?

If your current grade is not visible on the drop down menu, please check with your line manager or your HR Department what your current grade is equivalent to on the drop down menu options.