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A little bit of straight talking at the right time

lady with colleague

Recently I was requested to do a look back at files over a 25 year period.  I knew this was going to be a mammoth task as I had worked in a number of different services and locations over the years, in a number of different jobs and with many different staff.  Added to this I was given a deadline of two weeks to complete the task! Read the full article...

The ripple effect of a good gesture


When I see my colleague’s everyday actions in caring for patients and service users, it gives me an insight into the kind of people they are and what motivates them to work in the health service.  The recent Values in Action Bootcamp reminded me these very same colleagues often show enormous care and compassion to each other too.Read the full article .....

The Paul Reveres of the Irish Health Service

Paul Revere

Spreading the word and unleashing a movement

My father is a retired history teacher. Not only was he a history teacher, but he has always loved nothing more than telling a good story, the longer the better – and he has a photographic memory. So just imagine our epic summer holiday journeys driving from California to the family farm in Pennsylvania where my Dad grew up.Read the full article ...

Why start a social movement for change in the health services?

masterclass values in action

While I’m at risk of stating the obvious, let’s be clear on where this begins; Ireland has had an incredibly challenging decade as a result of the economic crisis. This has impacted us personally, professionally, and as a society. It has left our health service under resourced and under pressure.Read the full article ...