Incident Management

Incident Management Framework:

HSE 2020 Incident Management Framework & Guidance.pdf (size 1.4 MB)

Patient and Staff Stories.pdf (size 628.1 KB)

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Incident Management Framework - Templates/Forms/Leaflets

HSE Incident Review Service User Information Leaflet.pdf (size 6.1 MB)

HSE Incident Review Staff Information Leaflet.pdf (size 6 MB)

Independent Healthcare Record Review Template Nov 2020.docx (size 39.2 KB)

Preliminary Assessment Template Nov 2020.docx (size 58.5 KB)

Pseudoanonymisation Codes Template Nov 2020.doc (size 676.4 KB)

System Analysis Review Report Template Nov 2020.docx (size 661.1 KB)

System Analysis Review Report Checklist Nov 2020.doc (size 729.6 KB)

Yorkshire Contributory Factors .docx (size 347.9 KB)

Incident Management Framework - Audit Tool

IMF Audit Tool V1 - Patient Safety Incidents.xlsm (size 271.1 KB)

Top Tips - IMF Audit Tool V1.pdf (size 257.4 KB)

Review of Pressure Ulcer Incidents:

Pressure Ulcers - A Practical Guide for Review

Pressure Ulcer Review - Preliminary Assessment Form

Pressure Ulcer Review - Report Template

Review of Service User Falls Incidents:

Service User Falls - A Practical Guide for Review.

Service User Falls Review - Preliminary Assessment Form

Service User Falls Review - Report Template

Review Tool Healthcare Associated Infections (HACI)

HCAI Review Tool Generic.docx (size 86 KB)

HCAI Review Tool SA.docx (size 98.6 KB)

HCAI Review Tool Severe CDI.docx (size 86.7 KB)

PPPG Procedure for the utilisation of Review Tools (RTs).pdf (size 751.1 KB)

Worked example HAI Review Tool Generic.pdf (size 476.3 KB)

Worked example HAI Review Tool SA.pdf (size 483 KB)

Worked example HAI Review Tool Severe CDI.pdf (size 617.2 KB)

After Action Review

AAR Guidance For Services .pdf (size 922.5 KB)

Form A - Services applying for AAR Facilitator training for the first time.docx (size 16 KB)

Form B - Services applying for additional AAR facilitator training.docx (size 20.4 KB)

AAR Summary Report Template 2020.docx (size 16.3 KB)

HSE and the Department of Health Protocol:

HSE and the Department of Health Protocol, Communications in relation to major/significant patient/service user safety incidents and issues of concern.pdf (size 942 KB)

Application to the Forum for Post Graduate Training Bodies for nomination of an external expert support:

Procedure for Specialist Support from FPGTB October 2020.pdf (size 665.8 KB)

Request for Specialist Support for Reviews (FPGTB) Application Form.docx (size 38 KB)

Look Back Review Process Guideline :

Lookback Review Guideline Final Dec 2015

HSE Incident Management Framework (2020) - Launch Presentation and Recordings:

IMF 2020 Webex

In order to view the Webex, please enter password 5aKSWJHQ.

To note, the CEO recording is not available on the Webex recording, we have uploaded it as a separate file.

Incident Management Framework 2020 Launch Message from HSE CEO Paul Reid

HSE Incident Management Framework 2020 Presentation.pptx (size 824.5 KB)

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SRE Guidance January 2015 v1

SRE Summary list as of 26th January 2015   

National Incident Management System (NIMS)  

The National Incident Management System (NIMS) is a core enabling system to improve patient and service user safety with more than 110,000 incidents report annually. For further information please click here


NIMS Access and Control Guidance - Revision Nov 2020.pdf (size 1.1 MB)

HSE NIMS User Set Up Request Form (Incident Module) Version 5.docx (size 88.8 KB)

Please see below the National Incident Management System Reporting forms.  

NIRF-01-V11-Person.pdf (size 590.2 KB)

NIRF 02-V01Crash Collision.pdf (size 427.4 KB)

NIRF 03-V02 Property.pdf (size 487.5 KB)

NIRF 04 V08 Dangerous Occurrence HC NF.pdf (size 443.4 KB)

HCW COVID-19 Acquired V02 NIRF.pdf (size 370.9 KB)

Should you require any assistance contact NIMS helpdesk at 01 2384240 or

Interactive NIRF Forms

Sample SOP NIMS Interactive Reporting

NIRF 01-V11 Person (Interactive).pdf (size 2.7 MB)

NIRF-02-V01 Crash Collision (Interactive).pdf (size 755.8 KB)

NIRF 04 V08 Dangerous Occurrence HC NF Interactive.pdf (size 568.6 KB)

HCW COVID-19 Acquired V02 NIRF Interactive.pdf (size 350.1 KB)

National Incident Management System Training

The State Claims Agency provide report generation training on the National Incident Management System (NIMS). It is recommended that all users of NIMS avail of this training, which will provide them with the necessary skills to access information from the system and enable them to examine trends in incidents within their area.

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. To ensure that the right staff are targeted for the training, only those who are active users of the system may attend.

HSE staff wishing to attend can contact and the State Claims Agency will notify attendees directly thereafter.