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Your personal information - Cervical Check

1. What happens when you go for a cervical screening test
2. Booking your cervical screening test
3. Cervical screening test appointment
4. Labs we use
5. Private cervical screening tests
6. Your personal information

We need to collect and store some of your personal information to help deliver our programme. This information includes your:

  • name
  • address
  • phone number
  • date of birth
  • PPS number
  • cervical screening history

Your cervical screening history can include any screening and HPV test results you have had with us. It also includes any colposcopy attendances (examinations of your cervix), treatments and biopsy results.

But if you have had a screening test as a private patient or attended colposcopy as a private patient, we will not hold this information. We are also unable to access any information or results of tests you have had as a private patient.

How we use your information

We use your personal information to write to you. We will contact you when your next cervical screening test is due or when your results are available.

We also exchange your information with other health services that deliver the programme. This includes:

We do this to make sure we have an accurate record of your screening history. We also do it to see if screening is effective in reducing the number of cervical cancer deaths.

We may use your screening test sample in teaching, in reviews and audits. This is to help improve our programme.

We may also use your information to invite you to take part in research. You can choose to take part or not. 

We won't use your details without your permission. We will never use your name in any reports, when teaching or in reviews or audits. We will keep your personal information safe and confidential in line with current data protection regulations.

You will have full and open access to your personal information and cervical screening record from us. You can request this at any time. It is important that you let us know if your details change.

Information sheets

Information sheet for women - Irish - (Bileog Faisnéise do Mhná)
Information sheet for women - English
Information sheet for women - Arabic - (ورقة معلومات معدَّة للمرأة)
Information sheet for women - Chinese (Mandarin) - (妇女宣传单)
Information sheet for women - French - (Fiche d’informations à l’attention des femmes)
Information sheet for women - German - (Merkblatt für Frauen)
Information sheet for women - Latvian - (Informācijas lapa sievietēm)
Information sheet for women - Lithuanian - (Informacinis lapelis moterims)
Information sheet for women - Polish - (Ulotka informacyjna dla kobiet)
Information sheet for women - Romanian - (Broșură informativă pentru Femei)
Information sheet for women - Russian - (Информационный листок для женщин)
Information sheet for women - Spanish - (Información para mujeres)
Information sheet for women - Slovak - (Informačný leták pre ženy)