Physiotherapy Department: Ennis Hospital

The physiotherapy department in Ennis Hospital provides a variety of services to both inpatients and outpatients.


Inpatient physiotherapy

Patients are referred for inpatient physiotherapy by the medical team and are generally seen on the same day that the referral is received.

Patients with respiratory (breathing) problems receive assistance to clear secretions, education on management of breathlessness and advice on how to improve exercise tolerance.

Rehabilitation, either on the ward or in the physiotherapy department is provided for patients presenting with a variety of medical problems which may cause decreased mobility and independence.

Patients who are at risk of falls or have had a previous fall are assessed and provided with an individual exercise programme which aims to reduce the risk of falls; patients are assessed and provided with mobility aids if necessary.

Where necessary, patients are given follow-up outpatient physiotherapy appointments for continuation of rehabilitation/ treatment on discharge.

If necessary we patients are referred to other services on discharge i.e. community physiotherapy, or other allied health professionals.

Pulmonary rehabilitation programme

The pulmonary rehabilitation programme is available to all adults in Co Clare with a diagnosis of COPD/ chronic lung disease.

It is an eight week multidisciplinary programme which takes place twice weekly and consists of individual exercise and education. Each participant is individually assessed prior to taking part in the programme. The educational component of the programme includes input from physiotherapist, respiratory nurse specialist, pharmacist, occupational therapist and psychologist

The aim of the pulmonary rehabilitation programme is to restore the patient to the highest possible level of independent function. This is accomplished by helping participants become more physically active, by learning more about their disease and treatment options and teaching them how to manage their symptoms.

Referrals to the pulmonary rehabilitation programme are accepted from hospital consultantsin the Mid-West. All referrals are screened and approved by a consultant respiratory physician in the Mid-West.

Outpatient physiotherapy

Outpatient referrals are accepted for clients who’s GPs are aligned to Ennis Primary care team 2 and for patients in the geographical area associated with Ennis Primary care team 2. Referrals are accepted from consultants, general practitioners and other members of the primary care team.  Referred conditions include acute orthopaedics, musculoskeletal conditions, neurology, mobility assessments, rheumatology and paediatrics.

Goals are set following individual assessment.Treatment programmes may include exercise, advice on lifestyle changes and manual therapy, with a strong emphasis of self-management.

In exceptional cases, care at home (domiciliary service) is offered. This consists of assessment with limited follow up; ongoing, regular physiotherapy is not provided in the home. This service focuses on one of the following: assessment, provision and instruction in the safe use of mobility aidsproviding carers with instruction on appropriate handlingand theprovision of home exercise programmes tothe client/family/carer.

Bone health programme

The Bone health programme is available to all adults in Co Clare with a diagnosis of osteoporosis/osteopenia confirmed by DEXA scan within the previous 2 years.

Referrals are accepted from all members of the healthcare team (consultants, GPs, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, public health nurses). Patients can also self-refer to this programme. In all cases, the GP/consultant must certify that the participant is medically fit to attend the programme.

The programme runs weekly for 6 weeks and consists of exercise and education. All participants are individually assessed prior to commencing the programme.

The aims of the Bone Health Programme are:

  • Increase bone density or maintain/slow down loss of bone density. This is done by improving muscle strength using individual strengthening exercises and weight-bearing exercises.
  • To educate and improve knowledge and self-management of osteoporosis/osteopenia.
  • To prevent falls by improving strength, balance and coordination.
  • To improve or maintain posture.
  • To change lifestyle to incorporate individual exercises to promote bone health, posture and balance.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy

This service is available to men/women in Co Clare with urinary/faecal incontinence and/or pelvic organ prolapse. 

Treatment focuses on lifestyle changes and strengthening and toning of the pelvic floor muscles.

Referrals are accepted from consultants, general practitioners, public health nurses and physiotherapists.

Educational sessions are provided to post natal groups and consist of advice on continence, back care and exercise.


The physiotherapy department is currently located in temporary accommodation to the left of the front door of the hospital. Physiotherapy will be relocated to the first floor of the main hospital in early 2014. Access will be via the front door of the hospital. Turn right when you come in the front door and follow the corridor until you reach the lift lobby and take the lift to the first floor. When you come out of lift on first floor, turn left; the entrance to the physiotherapy department is on your left.

Opening Hours

The physiotherapy department is open for appointments and enquiries from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. As there is not always clerical staff to answer calls, please leave a message on answering machine service stating clearly your name and a daytime contact number.

Contact Details

Phone number: 065 6863123