Outpatient Services: University Hospital Limerick

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University Hospital Limerick (UHL) Outpatients’ department (OPD) employs 54 consultants and currently runs 95 clinics across 18 specialities,including nurse-led clinics such as dressing clinic, tissue visibility, rapid access respiratory, epilepsy, prostate & Xlizoroph clinics. The department holds consultations with approx 120,000 patients every year, of which approx 25% are new cases.The clinics are scheduled to run from 08.00 am to 18.00 hours Monday to Friday weekly, with morning & afternoon sessions.

Waiting time for appointments vary greatly between speciality and depends on whether appointments are deemed urgent or routine following review by the relevant Consultant.

About the Outpatients’ Department at UHL

  • The outpatients department aims to provide high-quality, value-driven & patient-centred care to all persons attending the services based on best practice research & evidence which is sensitive & responsive to patients’ needs & service users in a timely professional and transparent way. 
  • The Outpatient Service Performance Improvement Programme is being implemented nationally between 2012-2015, to remodel the provision of OPD services to patients in acute hospitals. The overall aim of the programme is to ensure timely, appropriate access to OPD services so that the right patient is seen by the most appropriate member of the clinical team at the right time