Public Holidays

In the case of public holidays, employees are entitled to whichever of the following options his/her employer determines;

(a) a paid day off on the day in question; or
(b) a paid day off within a month of that day; or
(c) an extra day's annual leave; or
(d) an extra day's pay

In the HSE, this will vary depending of the service involved.

There are nine public holidays as follows:

Christmas Day
Stephen's Day
St. Patrick's Day
Easter Monday
The first Monday in May
The first Monday in June
The first Monday in August
The last Monday in October
The first of January

An employee who is absent on Maternity Leave, additional Maternity Leave, Adoptive Leave, additional Adoptive Leave, Parental Leave or Carer's Leave (first 13 weeks only) continue to accrue entitlement to public holidays.

HSE HR Circular 004/2012 sets out public holiday entitlements during sick leave.

Further information on Public Holidays can be found in the HSE's Terms and Conditions of Employment. Click here to read more.